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Acupuncture works by using hair-thin needles to manipulate Qi, the energy of the body. By directing this energy in specific ways with certain points on the body, we can move the circulation in the body. This increase in circulation helps mobilize the immune system and supports the body's ability to heal itself. This ability of Qi to direct the immune system is why acupuncture helps many different illnesses and conditions. 

Acupuncture needles are thin needles that are the width of a hair and laser cut for precision. Each needle is sterilized and used once. Patients often find it relaxing and experience a feeling of well-being that lasts for hours and sometimes days after they are treated. 

What should you expect in your first acupuncture session? First, we'll have an in-depth conversation about your health concerns and what you hope to get from your treatment. Next, I will do an energetic reading to determine the root cause of your symptoms. Then comes your acupuncture treatment. I take what I have learned from our discussion and place needles in specific points on your body to aid the flow of energy through your body. 

Treatment     $70

Consultation $50

Senior 65+     $55

Cash or Checks Only please 


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